Hey everybody, it’s “FOUNDERS WEEK”! Jeff and Nicole have celebrated their birthdays, and are now ready to stop thinking about themselves, and start planning and organizing things for the summer season. We’d love to hear your input and ideas and we want to make this summer our best one yet!

Over on our facebook page, we recently posted an article called The Power of Volunteering. Here are some things that benefit you, while you benefit others:

Meet New People – That’s one of the foundations of GiV LA. We want to Gather, Interact, and Volunteer. In a way, we view this as a social opportunity just as much as it’s a volunteer opportunity.

It’s Good for Your Resume – What employer is going to tell you they are not impressed that you spend your free-time feeding the hungry, cleaning up your city, caring for the needy, working with children, the elderly, animals and people in need.

Learn Something New – You can get involved on any level. You can head up a program or an event. You can learn how to raise money, or raise awareness. You can learn how to run a commercial kitchen, or a distribution center. Most importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself. After every event, you are guaranteed to leave with new and profound insights and awareness.

Mix Up Your Routine – Try something different. You won’t believe how great you feel.

Need More? – How about: Reducing stress, helping others, making a difference, finding a purpose, enjoying a meaningful conversation, connecting with your community, feeling involved, contributing to a cause you care about, using your skills in a productive way, impressing yourself and others, expanding your horizons, feeling better about yourself, etc., etc., etc…..

Next weekend, we will be teaming up with actress Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Suburgatory) to support an organization called Best Buddies — a nonprofit that consists of volunteers attempting to create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It’s a great organization and there may be a few spots left to be filled.

See our facebook event page for more details.

If we don’t see you next weekend, we hope to see you soon. Conact us for more information or to share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.


The Power Of Volunteering

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